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Developer Docs

The following documentation will show you how to integrate the Faulr Emojis into your website.

Important Files

<script src="https://emoji.frcache.com/frmoji.min.js"></script>

<script src="https://emoji.frcache.com/s/16x16.js"></script>

The different size settings can be found in the table below. Please make sure that both files are included in your documents <head></head> tag.

Emoji Size

Pixel Example Code
16px 😀 16x16.js
36px 36x36.js
72px 72x72.js

Code for 16 px Emojis
<script src="https://emoji.frcache.com/s/16x16.js"></script>

Code for 36 px Emojis
<script src="https://emoji.frcache.com/s/36x36.js"></script>

Code for 72 px Emojis
<script src="https://emoji.frcache.com/s/72x72.js"></script>